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Tuesday, 7 December 2021
Last updated on Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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Time Series Economic Database
According to Paragraph A, Article 116, 3rd Plan Law (1379-1383) (2000/01-2004/05), all ministries and public productive and service organizations involved in exports affairs, are obligated to operationalize their information dissemination centers and offer the required services to local and foreign applicants.

In this regard, following regular and continued preparation and dissemination of data and economic reports and statistics, aiming at strengthening economic research and with regard to lack of a comprehensive database for economic variables in the country, the Central Bank designed a TSD in two languages of English and Farsi for the users.

In this database, information on four sectors of Iranian economy including real sector, external, public and monetary sectors is provided comprising data on national accounts, external balance of payments, government fiscal data and monetary accounts.

This database comprising over one thousand key economic variables appears under the title of "national accounts", "manufacturing and mining", "construction and housing", "transportation", "agriculture", "energy", "external sector", "monetary and credit aggregates", "stock exchange", "government fiscal position", "price indices", social affairs, and human resources and employment, in quarterly and annual intervals as of 1338 (1959/60) onwards, both on Excel and HTML.

Of advantages of this database are the possibility of simultaneous selection of one hundred variables and their display on Excel and HTML. Users are able after loading the selected data in Excel, to take benefit of all capabilities of this software such as drawing a chart, inserting a formula, and doing various calculations, and finally could save the respective file on their personal computers. Moreover, in the mentioned database, the content is displayed alphabetically and it provides access to time series for the mentioned economic variables. Of salient features of this database are offering descriptions and explanations (metadata) for each economic variable and their easy application. In introducing the variable, attempts are made to offer descriptions on time series for each variable together with providing its frequency, starting year, data source, its description and other information which help the users in their search.

Users are welcome to send their comments to the database administrator through: TSDAdmin@cbi.ir
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